Michelle pro photo #2Michelle Ward-Kantor enjoys many things in life, including writing, teaching, and trying to stay healthy. She has a:
– certificate in creative writing (McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario)
– Bachelor of Education degree (University of Alberta) and updated math qualifications from OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education) in Toronto, Ontario
– journalism diploma (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology).

She has kept busy as an elementary teacher, technical writer/editor and hospital administrative assistant. She currently teaches a writing course through the City of Edmonton arts center and runs one-to-one writing critique sessions at various times throughout the year. E-mail submissions are acceptable for the critique sessions so writers from outside Alberta and Canada are welcome. She is a mom to three lovely daughters, and juggles chauffering and household CEO duties.

Michelle loves the arts and has studied piano and voice and enjoyed Latin and ballroom dance lessons. She listens to everything from pop music to opera. The last two concerts she enjoyed, in order, were One Direction and three months later, a string quartet at Carnegie Hall in New York City.

New countries and cities are always fun to explore and Michelle has visited just a few places in our big world: South Africa, Mexico, several states in the U.S., many European countries, Australia and New Zealand. She has lived in Calgary, Vancouver, Hamilton and Edmonton; Sydney, Australia and London, England. She thinks living in New York City would be great fun, as long as she could escape the concrete now and then. Her bucket list includes Iceland and Madagascar.

In more recent times, she is the founder of Healthy Artist for Life. Click on the link in the above menu for more information.

Get out of your comfort zone by traveling alone. What a great way to meet new people and get to know yourself!